Do not be satisfied with the
stories that come before you.
Unfold your own myth.
- Rumi

COCOHARI fine chocolates

Brand development of an artisanal chocolate company

KWR Approvals

Brand management of land development management company

Library of Parliament

Graphic design for governmental institution. Shown: report template for Parliamentary Budget Officer

Arena Marketing Group

Creative Direction for arena advertising company.

Transport Canada event backdrop

20-foot x 10-foot backdrop for Transport Canada featuring elegant settings for their three-part logo.

Urban Transit CCTV reference manual

Reference manual for international security conference hosted by the Security Directorate of Transport Canada.

Phoenix Nutcracker Luncheon

Phoenix Youth fundraising campaign.

ESCO Global Realty

Brand management of a real estate company.

American Express Toronto

Advertising art for American Express Toronto regional campaign.

Cooper Mini wrap

Series of wraps for Cooper Mini automobiles

Dakima Marketing & Communications

Branding for Ottawa-based intercultural marketing company.

Air Canada

Advertising art based on famous 1970s ElAl poster.

Royal Air Maroc

Advertising art based on "La Grande Odalisque" by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres.

Vetali Training Centre

Branding for a Halifax-based corporate training company.

Rio de Janeiro

Tourism ad art for Rio de Janeiro based on Carnaval imagery.

Cleopatra Project

Branding for a property development company building affordable housing for purchase by low-income women.

Atlantic Contemplative Centre

Responsive website and marketing material for an organization that promotes mindfulness in the workplace.

Trade show backdrop

Three-panel trade show backdrop shared by two government departments.


Ad art for Coca-Cola using the classic bottle shape & transparencies.

Cadenza Buildingworks

Branding for construction company specializing in ISO container modular buildings.

Collette Dinnigan

Fashion ad art, Collette Dinnigan.

Shambhala International

Art Direction for an international non-profit organization.

Eat me, I'm organic

Psychedelic ad art extolling the virtues of magenta-coloured organic produce.


Editorial art on isolation and mental disorder.

ESCO home buyer's quickcourse

4-part course aimed at first-time home buyers.

ESCO home seller's quickcourse

4-part course aimed at first-time home sellers.

The lure of gift cards

Editorial art on the overuse of gift cards.

Dakima marketing copy

Copywriting for Ottawa-based intercultural marketing agency's own marketing campaign.

Gyokura packaging

Boxed Japanese green tea packaging.

Beyond all else, love

A pop art image with a thought for a pop art world.

Japan travel poster

Travel ad banner art featuring traditional Japanese symbols of beauty, peace and mystery.

Just Us fair trade coffee roasters

Ad art for Nova Scotia-based fair trade coffee roasting co-operative.


1970s pop art-style editorial art.


Travel art for Miami featuring the city's iconic Art Deco style.

Urban Transit CCTV conference kit folder

Kit folder for international security conference hosted by the Security Directorate of Transport Canada.

Hit your sister!

Editorial art extolling a little-known virtue of roller derby.

Nova Scotia travel poster

Travel poster art for Nova Scotia featuring sun, sail and blueberries.

Transport Canada logo settings

Elegant settings developed for Transport Canada's three-part logo.

These boots

Editorial art on cycling and feminine power.

Eiffel Tower travel poster

Travel poster for Paris featuring the Eiffel Tower and a play on words.

Cadenza Buildingworks

Copy for construction company specializing in ISO container modular buildings.

Be yourself,
everyone else is already taken.
Oscar Wilde


Jazz ensemble or symphony orchestra?
Artist in the studio or an agency full of creatives?
The best of both worlds: the personal touch
of a studio and the depth of an agency

We start by asking the question, What do you want to accomplish? and work with only the right talent to help you get there. If an unplugged trio is what you need, that's what we use. If you need a big brass band with 20 programmers, we source only the best coders; the ones that wake up at 3am with a start, having dreamed the solution to that intractable problem in four-part harmony.


Aaron Bihari was born and raised in Lower Manhattan. He escaped New York as a teenager, and after wandering the world, settled down in the Ottawa Valley. He has extensive professional experience in commercial art, graphic design, copywriting and the performing arts. His clients include American Express, Reader’s Digest, DHL and the Government of Canada.

Good artists borrow
Great artists steal.
Steve Jobs (via Pablo Picasso (via T.S. Elliot))





The details: (The short answer is yes.)

Drawing is the honesty of the art.
There is no possibility of cheating:
It is either good or bad.
Salvador Dali


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